Increasing access to healthcare for pets and their people

Maranda is founded and led by experienced, innovation-driven veterinarians and pet advocates. Maranda creates and sources cutting-edge technologies designed to connect pets and people to the best possible, modern pet healthcare.

Purpose: Empowering Pet Wellness For All 

Veterinary teams are doing their VERY best to get ALL pets the healthcare they need, but that isn’t easy and the reasons for this are complex: 

Anxiety Over Access

Access, affordability, education, convenience, and pet stress all play a role in preventing pets and pet owners from pursuing the right healthcare at the right time, leading to low testing rates and more costly, reactive healthcare. 

Consumer purchasing and engagement behaviors are changing rapidly. Today’s pet parents want more convenience, more direct access, more control and ownership of results, and more cost transparency.

Changing Buyer Habits

At Maranda, We’re Poised To Help Veterinarians Bridge The Gap

We know that empowered, engaged, and informed pet parents are more likely to seek out higher levels of pet health and wellness services, and more likely to engage with their veterinarians on a regular basis.

Cornerstones for Business and Mission 

Veterinarian Founded 

Maranda founders have years of experience working as professional veterinarians and championing new and innovative pet health solutions. Our experience and insights into both the pet and vet industries give us a clear path toward answering the key problems faced by today’s pets and their people. From the start we designed Maranda to connect pet owners with the best healthcare resources available, and we’re creating better ways for them to keep pets healthy.

We create cutting-edge proprietary pet health technologies designed to be uniquely valuable for pet owners. Together with our partners, we’re pioneering new telehealth and digital wellness options so we can guide pet parents to good healthcare along every step of the way.

The Maranda family of brands is built for accessibility, meaning we strive to meet the consumer directly where they’re at. From physical retail offerings to a diverse digital portfolio, we bridge the gap between the digital and tangible.

Revolutionary Pet Health Technology

Strategic Delivery To Markets & Audiences 

Maranda specializes in the logistics of delivering new and innovative offerings to a variety of consumers across a wide variety of markets. Our products and services are designed for a twofold approach: delivery directly to the consumer, and delivery to the industry.

Pet healthcare is rarely one-size-fits-all, and neither is Maranda. We specialize in creating smart and efficient delivery methods across a variety of existing and emerging markets to ensure continued relevance across all stages of the pet healthcare process.

Maranda Vet Labs:
Professional Pet Health Tests 

ClueJay is an innovative home pet testing product. Created by our team of veterinarians and pet advocates, ClueJay empowers pet owners to take a proactive approach to the care of their dogs, cats, and (coming soon) poultry. Our simple home testing delivers rapid results to an accessible digital dashboard — helping pet owners keep their animals healthy, save time, avoid stress, stay engaged, and keep up-to-date on their pet’s healthcare.

Several tests are routinely recommended by veterinarians to help maintain each pet’s health and wellness.   

Maranda Vet Labs (MVL) uses more advanced testing techniques then what most veterinarians perform in their own practices. MVL is centrally located in Denver, CO, and receives samples from all over the U.S., collected and shipped using ClueJay test kits.  

ClueJay by Maranda: Pet Testing from Home, Without the Stress 

We’ve developed the first consumer-direct, veterinary reference laboratory designed to meet (or exceed) standards of care for professional pet health tests. This means that a pet owner can conveniently access veterinary recommended tests for their pets, without the vet visit.  

By putting these tests in your hands, you now can help protect your pet (and in some cases your family) before a problem arises.

ClueJay test results can be shared with veterinarians and added to the pet’s medical record. We encourage you and your pet to have a relationship with one or more veterinarians to get patient-specific care, including regular physical exams and consultations. 

Meet The Maranda Cofounders

Dennis Chmiel, DVM, MBA 


“Years of clinical veterinary practice taught me that in order to have the greatest impact on the health and wellness of pets and their people, I would need to help innovate the business of pet healthcare delivery.” 

Dr. Chmiel is the cofounder & CEO of Maranda LLC and Maranda Veterinary Laboratories LLC; and co-leads the development of ClueJay Veterinary Lab Tests From Home.

Prior to this he was the Senior Marketing Manager, Parasiticides, for Zoetis Petcare and led the high paced launch of feline REVOLUTION PLUS. He joined Zoetis (previously Pfizer Animal Health) as the New England Technical Services veterinarian after completing an Executive MBA at the University of New Hampshire, Whittemore School of Business and Economics in 2011, then served as the Veterinary Lead for Veterinary Digital Services and the Veterinary Lead for Veterinary Business Solutions, Companion Animal Division, Zoetis.

He co-led the multi-year development of the first Health Risk Assessment  for dogs and cats and worked on Human-Animal Bond initiatives, including a collaboration with to develop The Pet Effect. Prior to Zoetis, he spent thirteen years in small animal medicine and surgery (caring for dogs, cats, and exotics), seven of which included managing a corporate (National Veterinary Associates) practice in Merrimack, NH. His biology degree is from Canisius College, Buffalo, NY, and his veterinary degree is from Tufts University, School of Veterinary Medicine.

He has won a number of marketing and business awards and spoken across the U.S. on veterinary business and market dynamics, small animal pain management, client communication, veterinary practice culture, strategy and management, and pet health and wellness.

Dr. Willerton is the cofounder & COO of Maranda LLC and Maranda Veterinary Laboratories LLC; and co-leads the development of ClueJay Veterinary Lab Tests From Home.

Her veterinary degree is from the University of Illinois, College of Veterinary Medicine, and her BS in Veterinary Science is also from the U of I. She has practiced clinical medicine as a small animal veterinarian for over 25 years, always with an eye toward innovating business practices to improve medical outcomes for dog, cat, and exotic patients. Dr. Willerton co-owns and manages two progressive, small animal and exotic hospitals in Denver, Colorado. Their design, workflow and customer experience are unique to the veterinary industry and create a truly special culture and atmosphere for clients, patients, and staff. Her passion for rethinking the traditional business model of veterinary medicine led her to VMG, an organization dedicated to promoting leadership and modern practice management.

Now with over 15 years with VMG, she has helped numerous other practice owners in the U.S. improve their organizations. She now serves as the current president of Veterinary Management Group 2.  She has been active in other professional organizations including the American Veterinary Medical Association and Colorado Veterinary Medical Association (serving for eight years on the Colorado Board of Veterinary Medicine) and participates in an annual think tank comprised of corporate industry leaders discussing the future of veterinary healthcare delivery.

Nancy is passionate about deploying new healthcare bridges between the pet industry and the veterinary industry, so that pet owners have easier access to high quality care and even greater engagement with the veterinary healthcare team.

“The business of veterinary medicine is rapidly evolving as are consumer expectations. At Maranda we embrace change and believe in a world where pet healthcare can be better, easier and more innovative.”


Nancy Willerton, DVM

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